Shares are non-refundable savings; a member can only transfer these savings to another member.

The minimum amount of every member is Kshs. 10,000 which is built little by little from when one joins the society. Every year shares earn dividend depending on the performance of the society.

Shares can be added to deposits to determine the amount of loan a member can qualify i.e. shares plus deposits up to x6 depending on the type of a loan a member is applying.

Shares Transfer Procedure.

1)    Share owner must ensure that he or she had no credit with the society.
2)    He must ensure that he or she is not a guarantor to any other member of the society
3)    If not retired he or she must bring a clearance certificate from his or her employer
4)    After the above is certified the member gives the society 60 days’ notice upon which the member   can be allowed to transfer his or her shares.