Who is eligible to join Trans Nation Sacco? And what are the requirements?

Trans Nation Sacco membership is open to all. An individual is eligible for membership if he/she has the following qualifications and documents

  • Over 18 years
  • A fully filled TN membership form
  • A clear copy of National Identity Card (Both sides)
  • A recent color passport size photograph

How do I benefit from being a member of Trans Nation Sacco?

  • Competitive annual dividends and interest on deposit
  • Favorable interest rates on loans
  • Instant TN Cash and TN Members portal loans
  • Loans on reducing balance

How is one treated if he/she transfers deposits/shares from another Sacco?

One is treated like an old member if he/she transfers deposits from another Sacco and the cheque is written in favor of Trans Nation Sacco. The member is also eligible for a loan immediately he/she joins the Sacco.

Do non-salaried (business) members receive dividends at the same rate as the salaried?

YES, Trans Nation Sacco treat all members equally. Dividends and interest on deposits are paid at the same rate regardless of the type of membership

How long does it take to process a loan?

All our loans are instant.

How do I make my monthly shares contributions?

  • Employer Check off
  • Sacco or bank standing order
  • M-pesa paybill 507900
  • Transfer through TN-Cash USSD *822#
  • Transfer through TN-Cash mobile application
  • Over the counter cash deposit

Do Trans Nation Sacco buy off loans from other banks/saccos/institutions?

Yes. All you need is to provide the current loan statement when applying for the loan

Can I Self guarantee?

A member can self-guarantee if the loan amount taken is less or equal to 80% of the share deposit and must not have any other BOSA product.

Where can I use the ATM Card?

You can use the card at any Point of Sales (POS) terminals i.e. supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants etc. You can use it overseas at any VISA branded ATM machines and for online transactions.

If I clear a loan before its completion date, will I be required to pay interest for future periods?

No interest or penalty is charged for clearing a loan earlier than the contracted period.

Can I get a loan without guarantors

Yes, you can. You can get a loan of up to 96 months without a guarantor