Chama Loan

This is a loan advanced to groups, Reputable Institutions and churches with a maximum repayment period of 2 years (24 months).
• They must have operated a deposit account for at least six months.
• The minimum Monthly contribution is Kshs. 5,000/-
• They must hold an active Pamoja Account.

Appraisal of Chama Loan
• Should have consistently saved deposits with the Sacco for at least six months.
• Discipline of member savings will be paramount.
• Loan shall be three times (3) of the deposits.
• Group/Institutions should provide certified minutes of intent to borrow duly signed by the full committee
• Fully filled loan form
• The Loan shall be secured by Group Deposits.
• If the group is formed by the members of the Sacco, individual members can guarantee the group loan by their individual shares.
• The Loan shall be secured by legally charging group properties and individual properties of directors/ group members. These properties may include Land (title deeds), log books etc. in case of log books the vehicle charged should not exceed 12 years from the date of the manufacture.
• The loan amount approved shall be 70% of the value of collateral provided. This collateral may be valued by the society valuer at the cost of the borrower.


The loan shall be released after all the documents are verified and the group has agreed to the loan policy.