Institutions Loan

This is a credit facility given to private and public institutions which have collection account with the TN Sacco.

• It must be institution, private or public.
• The account to be considered must be a collection account.
• The signatories of the account must be not less than 2.
• To be considered for the facility the institution must have actively operated that account for at least one year.
• Properly filled application form.

• Qualification 20% of customers total deposits for the last one year.
• Maximum amount of Ksh. 2,000,000.
• Repayable in 2 years (maximum).
• Fully signed affidavit.


Charged collateral and other pledged securities that may be acceptable by the society. Such pledged securities must be commensurate with the Institution loan approved in terms of value. Valuation must be done for the collateral and loan approved must not exceed 70% of the collateral value.