Retirement Savings Fund (RSF)

This is a fund which acts more or less like a pension scheme but tailed to suit the members of Trans Nation Sacco. This product is voluntary; it is meant for members who have not retired. In case one has retired and wishes to join the program, he specifies the maturity period when the refund will be refunded to him but not less than three years. In this product a member is allowed to contribute as low as 300= every month to build his/her fund. This fund can only be given back to a member when he/she retires or when one loses his or her job or on the maturity in case of retired members. If the contributor dies the fund is refunded to his/her next of kin.

Benefits to the Member

  1. The fund earns dividend which is ploughed back to the fund.
  2. The fund act as a qualifier for Self-Guaranteed Tier II loan.
  3. The member is guaranteed of his fund when he retires or on the maturity in case of retired member.
  4. The fund earns a bonus upon maturity, which is calculated on a percentage depending on the number of years one has saved.
  5. It gives a member a reason to smile when going home after retirement.
  6. It gives a member opportunity to save as saving has become a real nightmare to most people.